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Broadway Museum & Art Gallery is housed in a beautiful 17th Century former coaching inn. Built as The Angel Inn and now called Tudor House, it has been extended and adapted over the centuries but retains many original features. It is one of a very few 17th Century buildings in Broadway today, that is open to the public. So why not come inside and explore.

We have much to delight you, ranging from locally found Fossils to our Story of Wool, which covers Broadway’s prosperity and growth and the decline of the Wool Years in the 16th century. Our incredible Cabinet of Curiosities – see the pieces which formed part of the worlds earliest museum!

Learn about the wonders of coach travel which erupted in the mid 17th Century and was the purpose for which our very museum was built.

With the arrival of Steam, came a new mode of travel and coaching ceased, the Angel Inn closed and Tudor House (our museum building) became a farmstead, a school and then a private residence. The peace and infinite beauty of this area drew the world famous colony of American artists and writers who visited and worked here in the late 19th century. Explore our exhibition to find out more!

From the 1930s onwards, Tudor House served as the headquarters of H. W. Keil Ltd, a well-known and highly esteemed International dealer in antique furniture. We are thrilled to exhibit some fine pieces from H. W. Keil’s collection.

The museum was established in 2013 with the generous support and backing of H.W.Keil and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 

Ashmolean Museum staff provide advice and guidance, and they have curated a number of our exhibitions. Today Broadway Museum & Art Gallery is run by a small team of local trustees, staff and volunteers. Complete with museum shop, the Broadway Museum and Art Gallery is the perfect place to include on a visit to The Cotswolds.

At Broadway Museum & Art Gallery we aim to bring the fascinating history of our beautiful historic village to life. Explore Broadway’s story, in the context of our own beautiful building which was once The Angel Inn and vitally important to Broadway’s Coaching Era.

You really can start your own cultural adventure with us