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Our Manifesto

The placeWe are more than a Museum, more than an excellent example of a seventeenth-century coaching inn. More than the history of Broadway. More than our volunteer team, our membership and our stakeholders. Our permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, interpretation, talks, events, education, activities for adults, families and groups are all integrated. We are digital and analogue, for visiting and participating, for exploring and for learning. We are an integral part of Broadway’s community and the Broadway visitor offer.

What we doOur warm and friendly welcome will put you at ease. We are a local resource. We offer History, Culture, Art and the opportunity to explore all within the context of a traditional and significant building showcasing its history and fully open to explore. We transport you back in time, bring history to life.

How we do itWe are a catalyst for discussion and new ideas, we invite you to spend deep meaningful time. Through dialogue, talks, films, exhibits, creative activities and museum interpretation, our education programme and superb volunteer team, we enliven local history with fun, accessible relevant programming and carefully curated exhibitions.

We experimentWe provide an inspirational, immersive experience transporting you to a different place, nourishing one’s mind, rejuvenating one’s soul. We encourage you to have a joyful, playful, surprising visit. With careful consideration, great commitment and attention to detail, Broadway Museum invites you become immersed in this magical space. Our aim is to ignite and inspire the next generation by developing an appreciation and passion for culture.

Think globally, act locallyWe are here to contribute to a better, kinder world. We champion environmental sustainability, audience diversity and are here for the Broadway community now and through future generations for the benefit of the generations that will inherit the world we leave behind.

We are for everyoneWe work hard to engage with the widest audience possible. We welcome your family to ours. Our team helps visitors to feel welcome, safe and at ease. By upholding democratic values and providing life-long learning opportunities to all, we contribute to shaping an informed and engaged civil society.

Our Mission

We are here to transport you back in time, bringing history to life.

Connecting community, history, art and creativity. Working to achieve financial sustainability through building a strong emotionally connected community around Broadway Museum, protecting and preserving it now and for the future.