Man’s Best Friend Exhibition

“Dogs don’t make mistakes,” the famous detective Sherlock Holmes once said.

Perhaps this is the explanation of why man’s oldest pet has long been a common motif among painters as a hunting companion, playmate or lap dog.
Dogs have been included in paintings as Man’s devoted friend from as early as the 16th Century. This relationship, now celebrated with paintings featuring loved pooches in luxurious surroundings and aristocratic women lavishing their pets with endearments and affection, comes together in an exhibition demonstrating the connection we have with our canine friends and how important they have become in our daily lives, often voted as members of the family.

  • Free Admission: Your exhibition entry is included with your museum entry ticket
  • Diverse Collection: Featuring works from renowned artists and contemporary painters and sculpters, immerse yourself in an array of styles, mediums, and breeds
  • Art for Everyone: Whether you’re a dog lover, an art critic, or just curious, there’s something here for everyone
  • Take Home a Masterpiece: Fall in love with a painting? Some of these works are available for sale both at the museum and online, shipped to you following the closure of the exhibition

The bond between humans and dogs is timeless, and through art, it finds a voice, a colour, and a canvas.

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